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Fall Textbook Return Deadline

High priority

To avoid being billed for any "non-returned" textbooks, all textbooks for fall courses must be shipped back to eCampus no later than Tuesday, December 22nd. Textbooks can be returned to the Campus Store or mailed back to eCampus directly. Directions for generating a shipping label:Textbook FAQ


Spring 2021 Registration Deadline

High priority
If you have not met with your advisor to receive registration clearance, please do so before Thanksgiving Break!
To avoid a late registration fee of $25, register for Spring classes by the registration deadline of December 7. Registration for Split Term A has a deadline of November 30. Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

Tutoring Available

High priority

ARC Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule

At the Academic Resource Center, we have tutors for a variety of courses.  We offer a combination of both in-person tutoring and virtual tutoring via Google Meet.  If you would like to work with one of our ARC tutors, please call (478)757-2848 or email us at to book your appointment.


Writing Center Tutoring Schedule

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Writing Center tutor, please see our current schedule and email one of our tutors. It's best to email the Writing Center tutors 24 hours in advance. Follow the instructions and let the Writing Center tutor know if you'd prefer a 20 minute or 40 minute session. They will meet with you virtually and work with your shared Google Doc. 

Last Day to Drop

High priority

Monday, September 21 is the last day to withdraw from a Split Term A class without academic penalty.

Can't Remember Your Wesportal Password

High priority

Select the link below to set a new password.

Password Recovery.

Digital Bookshelf

High priority

Access Code For eCampus

Thu, January 11 2018   11:59 AM

Access codes for online books and items are stored on each student's Digital Bookshelf within the eCampus portal.

  • Login to Wesportal
  • Click the Student Tab at top of page
  • Click on the eCampus book portal button under Book Portal
  • Under My Accounts you will see a tab for "Digital Bookshelf"
  • Your access code should be located in this area