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Textbook Return Deadlines:

All returns must be shipped no later than December 21.

Textbook Return Procedure:

1.      Log into your WesPortal

2.      Go to the Student Tab

3.      Go to the eCampus Book Portal

4.      Click on Return Rentals

5.      Click on Return My Rental for Free

6.      Select the book(s) you would like to return

7.      Click Print Label & Complete Return

8.      Print the shipping label and packing slip. THE PACKING SLIP MUST BE INSIDE THE BOX WITH THE RETURN.

9.      Tape up box, place the label on the outside of the box, and ship!

10. You may drop off your return package to the campus post office Monday - Friday 10AM - 5PM or any UPS location

If you wish to keep your textbooks voluntarily or do not return your books, you will be charged 50% list price. If you keep your books, you will be billed on your Wesleyan student account. eCampus customer service may be contacted directly at 1-877-284-6744 or via email 
Spring 2018 Textbook Delivery:

Textbooks will be delivered to the campus store for your pickup before class begins. Commuter students - If you want textbooks delivered to your home, you must edit your preferred address ASAP. Login to WesPortal, Student tab, eCampus Book Portal, My Account, Account Summary, Edit, Account Information, Edit, enter your preferred address and click Save.

From the College Catalogue: “Payment Policy.  A student may not register for or attend classes until her account has been satisfactorily paid in the Business Office.  All financial obligations to Wesleyan College must be met before a student can receive a diploma or a transcript of record.”

Semester  -  2018              Payment Due Date      

Spring       12/15/2017
Spring Split term A    12/15/2017
Spring Split term B       3/02/2018

What does this mean?

To remain registered, attend class, or live on campus in a semester, the balance due to the college after all financial aid, loans, and scholarships must be paid by the due dates below.  Students who have not satisfied their accounts by these dates will be administratively dropped from their classes.

Enrollment is not complete until all standard tuition, housing, and fees have been covered via at least one of the below listed payment criteria.  Students who have not satisfied the amounts due to the college by the semester due dates will be administratively dropped from their courses.  Students may re-enroll in classes until the end of drop/take by satisfying their balance due and paying a $150 re-enrollment fee.


In the event a financial aid award or promised payment plan payment does not occur, or a balance becomes past due for any reason during the semester, students with an outstanding past due balance with the college will not be allowed to register for or attend classes, access grades electronically, or remain in campus housing.  Additionally, the college will not issue a transcript or a diploma until the financial obligation is met in full.


The Spring 2018 course offerings are available on WesPortal, Home tab, Course Search Portlet (magnifying glass icon).

Advising/Registration Dates to Remember:

November 6 ~ Online registration begins

To Do List While Planning your Schedule:

  1. Clear your holds! If you have a hold, it will prevent you from registering. You can see if you have any holds on WesPortal: Student tab, Registration and Degree Information, Course Schedules portlet.
  2. Make an appointment with your advisor for registration clearance. You can see who your advisor is on WesPortal: Student tab, Academic Information portlet.
  3. Determine your degree requirements. Review the catalogue! Also, review your degree progress located on WesPortal, Student tab, Registration and Degree Information, My Degree Progress. You can also download audit sheet documents on WesPortal, Wesnet tab, Advising.
  4. Review the course prerequisite. Make sure that you have met the requirements for each class before registering. The prerequisite is located in the course description. Click on the course link on WesPortal, Course Schedules portlet to read the details or review the catalogue.

Registration Exceptions/Overrides:

If you need assistance registering for a day or night class (outside of your status), request an overload, or request to register for a full course, submit the Registration Exception Form on WesPortal, WesNet tab, Registrar's Office - student section.

To register for a class that requires permission from the instructor, theatre classes that require an audition, or to receive credit for Varsity Athletics, submit the Registration Form on WesPortal, WesNet tab, Registrar's Office - student section.

The Registrar's Office staff is available if you need help with registration or advising. Appointments are preferred.

Registrar's Office Staff


Monday-Friday 7:30-9:30

Saturday Brunch 11-12

Sunday 7:30-9:30



Monday-Friday 11:15-1:00

Saturday Brunch 11-12

Sunday 12-1



Monday-Thursday 4:30-6:30

Friday 4:30-5:45

Saturday-Sunday 5:00-5:45


 Wesleyan Dining Hall Menu

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