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Fall Textbook Return Deadline

High priority

To avoid being billed for any "non-returned" textbooks, all textbooks for fall courses must be shipped back to eCampus no later than Tuesday, December 22nd. Textbooks can be returned to the Campus Store or mailed back to eCampus directly. Directions for generating a shipping label:Textbook FAQ


Spring 2021 Registration Deadline

High priority
If you have not met with your advisor to receive registration clearance, please do so before Thanksgiving Break!
To avoid a late registration fee of $25, register for Spring classes by the registration deadline of December 7. Registration for Split Term A has a deadline of November 30. Spring 2021 Academic Calendar
  • College Consortium Wesleyan College offers students a variety of online courses through the College Consortium, a network of accredited colleges and universities that share online course offerings. Consortium courses provide you an opportunity to get ahead in coursework or to repeat a course to improve your grade point average. A College Consortium course will affect your grade-point average just like a Wesleyan College course.
    Besides standard tuition and Wesleyan fees, there are no additional charges for summer classes completed through the College Consortium. Full-Time Day program students will be charged a course fee in Fall and Spring semesters. You may use Wesleyan College financial aid. Required textbooks are not provided and must be purchased on your own. Contact for questions regarding a consortium class.
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Welcome to the Wesleyan ALERT service. This service provides alert messages to your cell phone if you create an account above. The alert messages provide information in the event of a weather closing, tornado warning, or campus emergency. This ALERT service will only be used in the case of an emergency. By creating a new user account you can add your cell phone and agree to be responsible for any text messaging fees charged by your cell phone carrier. You can create an account by clicking the New User button above or modify an existing account by using the User Login button.