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Every Wednesday from 3:00-8:30 PM*, beginning May 16 Bank of America 3:00 and 4:00 PM pick up Shoppes at River Crossing (New Mall) 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 PM pick up

*Shuttle will not run the week of May 29-June 2.

Every other Saturday from 1:00-5:00 PM, beginning May 20 Saturday shuttles include: May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1

Destinations include: Wal-mart/Am-Star Theatre, The Shoppes at River Crossing (New Mall) And Eisenhower Crossing at Presidential PKWY (Target, Old Navy, Ross, Marshall's...), Requests are encouraged.

All Shuttles are $2 round trip. Please sign up in Student Affairs (OSP). Pick-up Location is The Loggia (front of OSP).

From the College Catalogue: “Payment Policy.  A student may not register for or attend classes until her account has been satisfactorily paid in the Business Office.  All financial obligations to Wesleyan College must be met before a student can receive a diploma or a transcript of record.”

Semester -  2017              Payment Due Date      


Fall                                8/4/2017
Fall Split term A                8/4/2017
Fall Split term B     10/2/2017
Spring       12/08/2017
Spring Split term A    12/08/2017
Spring Split term B       3/02/2018


What does this mean?

To remain registered, attend class, or live on campus in a semester, the balance due to the college after all financial aid, loans, and scholarships must be paid by the due dates below.  Students who have not satisfied their accounts by these dates will be administratively dropped from their classes.

Enrollment is not complete until all standard tuition, housing, and fees have been covered via at least one of the below listed payment criteria.  Students who have not satisfied the amounts due to the college by the semester due dates will be administratively dropped from their courses.  Students may re-enroll in classes until the end of drop/take by satisfying their balance due and paying a $150 re-enrollment fee.


In the event a financial aid award or promised payment plan payment does not occur, or a balance becomes past due for any reason during the semester, students with an outstanding past due balance with the college will not be allowed to register for or attend classes, access grades electronically, or remain in campus housing.  Additionally, the college will not issue a transcript or a diploma until the financial obligation is met in full.


Friday, March 24 is the last day to withdraw from a class without academic penalty.


Monday, April 17 is the deadline to withdraw in Split Term B.


Students who withdraw from a class must do so through the Registrar's Office, Tate 120. The 'withdrawal from a class' form is located on WesPortal, Registrar's Office - student tab. Students who stop attending class and do not withdraw by the deadline receive a grade of F.

Please review the Credit and Grading system policy. Students should consult the Financial Aid Office staff when withdrawing from a course.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The Midterm deficiency report and grading period has closed. If you are not passing a class, you should have been notified by your instructor. If your instructor opted to post Midterm grades, you can find them on WesPortal, Student tab, View Midterm Grade Report. If you see the grade WIP, this means Work in Progress and your instructor opted not to post midterm grades.





Please be reminded of the Drop/Take period and important requirements during this time.

  • Courses offered in Split Term B have a Drop/Take period through March 17.
  • Review your registration for accuracy on WesPortal, Student tab, Student Schedule. Attendance and financial obligations must be met in order to maintain your enrollment. Disbursement of financial aid funds will not be processed until your professor records attendance. If you are receiving federal financial aid, please remind your professors to record attendance at every class session. If you are not registered and/or listed on the professors course roster, you may not attend class. Please come to the Registrar's Office (Tate Hall, Room 120) if you need assistance.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met all prerequisites of a course before you register for it. Prerequisites are listed in the course description. You can find all course descriptions in the Wesleyan College Catalogue.
  • Final Exams ~ Please direct all questions to your professor regarding the final exam requirements and meeting dates/time for each course. The Final Exam schedule can be downloaded on WesPortal, WesNet tab, Registrar's Office - student section.

Please send all registration inquiries to

Best wishes,

Angie Wright
Wesleyan College

Please follow the directions I have outlined below to return books. IGNORE EMAILS FROM <> RAFTER IS THE OLD VENDOR. THEY SHOULD NOT BE SOLICITING TEXTBOOKS FROM YOU.

If you have textbooks through the rental program, you may return them to the campus store or via a prepaid shipping label. Textbooks must be returned or shipped by Friday, December 16.

If you wish to keep your textbooks voluntarily or do not return your books, you will be charged 50% list price. To do this, simply keep your books and you will be billed on your Wesleyan student account when we close the process out with the textbook vendor. The list price is attached for your reference.

Fall 2016 Book Prices

Contact Angie Wright, Registrar for any questions at


PrePaid Shipping Label Requests:

Send the following email to and you will receive a shipping label for you to use.

 Dear eCampus Team,

Please provide me with a prepaid shipping label to return textbooks.

School: Wesleyan College

Name: enter your name

Address: enter the address you will be shipping from

Books: enter the titles of the books you will be shipping

Spring 2017 Textbook Delivery:

Textbooks will be delivered to the campus store for your pickup the first week of January (details will be sent later). Commuter students - If you want textbooks delivered to your home, you must edit your preferred address by Sunday, December 18th. Login to WesPortal, Student tab, eCampus Book Portal, My Account, Account Summary, Edit, Account Information, Edit, enter your preferred address and click Save.


Wednesday, 12/14, 2-4pm: Bank of America, Walmart

Friday, 12/16, 5-10pm: Bank of America, Walmart New Mall

Sunday, 12/18, 2-6pm: Old Mall, Target

Tuesday, 12/20, 5-8pm: Walmart & New Mall

Thursday, 12/22, 4-8pm: Bank of America, New Mall and Zebulon Road area 

Tuesday, 12/27, 4-8pm: Bank of America, New Mall, Zebulon Road area

Thursday, 12/29, 4-8pm: Old Mall & Target Shopping Center

Tuesday, 1/3, 4-8pm: Bank of America, New Mall, Zebulon Road area 

Thursday, 1/5, 4-8pm: Bank of America, New Mall and Zebulon Road area