Please complete the following to obtain all or part of your medical records. Form may be faxed or emailed to

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Meningitis form to be completed for students living on campus ONLY. Privacy practice document is to be read and confirmation of receipt signed at the bottom of the Health History form. If you have any questions regarding the privacy practices please contact the health center. 

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For all daytime undergraduate students enrolled in at least 12 creditsinsurance applicable in the Macon, GA area is required for the 2019-2020 academic term. All such students must use the attached instructions to either "waive" or "enroll" in the Wesleyan College student group health insurance policy. 
The Wesleyan College student group health insurance policy costs $1849 for the policy year, and all full time daytime undergraduate students will be automatically billed this cost; however, a credit of this cost will be issued to students who complete an online insurance "waive" form by August 19, provided that the waiver is approved, which verifies that a student's own insurance policy is active and sufficient for use in the Macon, GA area.  Without an approved waiver by August 19, students must go online and enroll in the Wesleyan College student group health insurance policy to setup an account, access insurance card, provider, coverage and claims information.

Health Services is located in the Olive Swann Porter building (OSP). Health Services is staffed by a family nurse practitioner who provides medical care for common illnesses and minor injuries. A physician is available on campus by appointment. Students with chronic illnesses may be referred to a local physician for management. Health Services provides personal health education and educational programs on health-related topics. All information pertaining to services provided is confidential.

Students may be referred off campus for diagnostic tests or treatment beyond the scope of Health Service’s staff. Transportation and charges for off campus services are the student's responsibility. Students should verify that the facility or provider is covered under their insurance plan. In an emergency, campus police will contact 911 or transport a student to the nearest emergency facility.

Navicent Health Urgent Care Northwest on Zebulon Rd. and CVS Pharmacy Minute Clinic on Zebulon Rd. are available for urgent medical care when Health Services is closed.  For life-threatening emergencies, Coliseum Northside Hospital on Charter Boulevard and  Navicent Health on Pine St. provide emergency treatment.

All full-time traditional students, full-time non-traditional students who attend day classes, and all students living on campus are required to have health insurance that meets our college waiver requirements. Students must complete the waiver process on the CHP website before the designated deadline. Students who do not complete the waiver by the deadline will be enrolled in CHP insurance and charged the annual fee on their college account. Students who want to enroll in the CHP insurance must go to the CHP website before the deadline to enroll.

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2019/2020 Health Insurance Information Policy