Please remember the criteria for the scholarship:

  • Must meet minimum admission standards.
  • Must be a first-year, first-time student.
  • Must be able to prove the relationship to the alumna and the alumna’s status must be verified.
  • Scholarship will apply to 1 enrolled student from the same family. The award will be available to the first young woman in a family who is accepted. The award will not be available to students who are simultaneously enrolled at Wesleyan College.
  • This scholarship may not be stacked with any other scholarship, other than outside scholarships.
  • The scholarship is renewable yearly for four years.
  • If a student qualifies for a higher scholarship, she can decline this scholarship and accept the scholarship with the highest dollar award.
  • Wesleyan College reserves the right to limit scholarship funds based upon availability.
Legacy is defined as a student who is referred by an alumna who is a Grandmother, Mother, Step-Mother, Sister, Sister-in-law, Step-sister or Aunt of the student. Great aunts, Godmothers and cousins are not considered “legacy”.
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